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Basics - Designing or Re-Designing a Position


Be sure to check the bottom of this page for printable user guides.

Working with positions and job postings is serious business. Our goal is to create quality positions at the university. A quality position is one that a qualified candidate will see and feel excited to apply for, while an unqualified candidate will rightly move on to something that's a better fit.

If you're creating or reclassifying a position, there's a lot that you'll need to do before you get started. You'll need to write down just what it is that you envision for the position, then research all the important details. Generally, you can accomplish this asking the right questions.
  1. If this is a new position, why are you creating it? What is the core role this person is going to play in your office? 
  2. If you are reclassifying this position, what are the key changes that will make it different than what it was before?
  3. Are you closely familiar with all of the job duties in this position and what they require? If not, you'll want to spend some time talking with someone in your department who is, to make sure that you have a firm grasp of what an ideal candidate will need to be able to do.
  4. Is this a faculty or staff position? Will you need to employ a student or temporary worker? Will they work full time or part time?
Once you have a clear idea of what job duties will be necessary, write down a list of them. You should have no more than ten job duties listed for a single position. Avoid the temptation to create too broad a list of duties. One person can only reasonably do so much. A position should be written in a way that sets limits on what the employee will be required to do. For a closer look at how to write job duties well, check our page on Defining Job Duties.

For further information on designing your position, see our advanced instructions.

Once you have your new or reclassified position on paper, you can start the process of making it official in our Position Description service (if you are on the Norman campus), or you can work with HR to create your requisition (at HSC and Tulsa).
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