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Creating a Position Description - Norman Only


Note: These instructions are for Norman staff only. If you are hiring at HSC or Tulsa, we anticipate making the Position Description service available to you soon.
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Getting Started
Step 1 - Position Info
Step 2 - Supervisor and Location
Step 3 - Supervision, Duties, and Work Conditions
Step 4 - Qualifications
Step 5 - Action Reason and Contact Information
Step 6 - Attachments and Comments
Step 7 - Approval Routing

First, make sure that you have access to the Position Description service in PeopleSoft. If you have not yet set up your access, you can review our instructions here. Once you have access, you can find the Position Description service in the Departmental Self-Service section of PeopleSoft.

When you arrive at the Position Description Home Page, you will have at least three options.

The position description home page contains three links.

  • The green plus icon will allow you to begin a position action, including new, updated, or reclassified positions.
  • The pencil icon will allow you to edit or update any position action you previously began.
  • The binoculars icon will allow you to view position actions begun previously.
  • If you are part of your department's position approval chain, you will see a fourth icon, a green checkmark, to look at requisitions that require your approval.

When beginning a position action, you will enter information in fields on each page. On Step 1, you will begin with the Position Number or Job Code. All Position Numbers have been uploaded into the system, and you can use the Search icon ( ) to find yours.

On step 1, select the Position Number, Job Code, and other fields

Use the search icon to locate positions in the system

Once you select the Position Number, some information will be entered automatically onto the page. You can then add any missing information, including the Proposed Salary, Full-Time Equivalence (FTE, where full-time is 1.0 and half-time is 0.5), and a Position Summary, a brief description of the role of the position in your department.

Complete all information thoroughly

On Step 2, you will need to enter the supervisor for the position (whom you can search for using their 6-digit employee ID), and the position location, including department code and address.

On step 2, enter supervisor and location information

On Step 3, you will enter the job duties for the position. Indicate whether this position will supervise any others, and enter between 5 and 15 job duties. These job duties should be indicated as essential or non-essential, depending on the role, and the percentage of the employee's time the essential duties take up. The sum of the percentages of each duty must equal 100%.

On step 3, enter job duties and physical requirements

You will also enter the physical requirements for the position here, using the Edit button. These are any requirements for the job for which the department cannot make a reasonable accommodation. For more information about physical requirements, you can review our instructions here

Enter physical requirements using the Edit button

After inputting all essential and non-essential duties, you will put in the work conditions for the job's environment. Most positions will have a Standard Office Environment.

On Step 4, you will enter both the Requirements and the Preferences for the position. Requirements are qualifications that a candidate must have to perform essential duties without training. Preferences are qualifications that a candidate would need for non-essential duties, or qualifications that the candidate could receive training on.

On step 4, enter position qualifications

You will begin with education and experience requirements. Depending on the position, it may require education and/or a certain level of experience. You can find this information in the broadband job descriptions (for Norman positions) or from your local HR office (for HSC positions). In most cases, candidates can qualify for positions with an equivalent combination of education and job-related experience. For instance, if a position requires a Bachelor's degree, a candidate could qualify for the position with four years of related work experience. For more information about experience equivalencies, you can review our instructions here

Next you can enter any certifications or licenses the position may require. You will then enter any Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities (KSAs) the position may require for essential job duties. We have a defined list of KSAs you can enter for the position available here. You can access this list within the Position Description service by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to a KSA field.

Use the search tool to look up Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

You can next enter any departmental preferences, specific skills or experience that an ideal candidate would possess. A candidate would not be disqualified for not possessing these qualifications, but candidates possessing them could be scored more highly than one who doesn't. You can enter these freely in the fields.

Finally, the Additional Info section contains a few other items that might be required for the position, such as a background check or driver's license. All HSC positions require background checks, and HR recommends all Norman positions use them, as well. A driver's license cannot be required for a position unless driving is an essential duty.

You're almost finished. On Step 5, you will indicate the reason for the position action (whether it is a new or updated position, for instance). You will then enter the information for the contact person for this position.

On step 5, enter the action reason and contact person

On Step 6, you will attach any other documentation that HR may require to make a determination about the position, such as the freeze form, budget documentation, or organizational charts. You can add any other comments you feel are important for your approvers to make a determination. You may then either submit the position for approval, or place it on hold to work on later.

On step 6, attach necessary documents and either submit or hold

Step 7 appears after you have submitted your position. This page will display the approval route for your position, and you can come back and visit this page at any time to track the approval process. As you will see on the page, the position will first move upward through any departmental staff who will need to sign off on the position. Human Resources will have final approval.

Step 7 provides approval routing information
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