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List - Physical Requirements


The following are the physical requirements that can be applied to any position. Physical requirements should only be present if the ability is crucial to the performance of essential functions.
Physical Requirement
Long Description
CLMB Ability to climb including ladders, scaffolding or poles where agility or balance is an issue.
COMM Ability to communicate including expressing oneself or exchanging information with others.
CRCH Ability to crouch, crawl, bend or stoop including placing the body in an uncomfortable position.
FEEL Ability to feel including perceiving size, shape, temperature and texture
HEAR Ability to perceive the nature of sounds with or without correction
LFT1 Ability to lift heavy objects up to 50 pounds
LFT2 Ability to lift heavy objects up to 100 pounds
LFT3 Ability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds
MOVE Ability to move, particularly for extended periods of time or distance
PULL Ability to pull including using the upper body to exert force to draw, drag, haul or tug objects.
PUSH Ability to push including using the upper body to press against an object with force
RECH Ability to reach including extending the arm or hand
REPM Ability to engage in repetitive motions including movements of the hands, wrists or fingers
SEE Ability to see including unique visual requirements with or without corrective eyewear
SIT Ability to sit for short or extended time periods
STND Ability to stand for short or extended time periods
TOCH Ability to touch including finger dexterity
WALK Ability to walk for short or extended time periods
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