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Using Taleo - Creating a New Requisition


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This is the bread and butter of our work in Taleo. The process of creating a requisition is fairly straightforward. In this article, we'll discuss what it takes to create a requisition from scratch. If you already have a requisition in the system and you would like to duplicate it for a new listing, instructions for doing so can be found here

It all begins with the Create Requisition button.

To create a requisition, click the Create Requisition button in the Recruiting Center.

When you click this button, Taleo will pop up a dialogue window asking for basic information about the requisition. The first thing you will need is the template to base the posting on. Taleo contains a few basic "Universal" templates you can use to create new jobs in your department. For Norman staff, new templates can be created by using the Position Description service in PeopleSoft.

Once you've selected a template, you will also select the Hiring Manager who will be primarily responsible for this requisition. If you are the Hiring Manager, you can select yourself.

Begin by selecting a requisition template and hiring manager.

Click Next, and the window will then ask for the Organization, Location, and Job Field for the position. The Organization is your department, the Location is the campus, and the Job Field is the category of work the job fills.

Once you've selected a template, select the Organization, Location, and Job Field.

With this information entered, Taleo will put it together and provide you with the Requisition Creation Form. Please be sure to use the Save button early and often to minimize the risk of losing work.

To save the requisition, you'll first need to enter a few pieces of basic information. You can see what fields are necessary using two different tools. The first manages the red asterisks that highlight required information. You can set your requisition form to show asterisks only on fields required to save the requisition, or on any fields necessary to complete it and request approval.

From your requisition creation form, you can manage the asterisks that indicate required fields by using the dropdown menu.

The second tool can be accessed on the right hand side of the screen. Your Diagnostic Tool, the wrench-and-screwdriver icon, will list all fields that are required to save or to complete the requisition. Some fields required to post the requisition are only accessible by HR Recruiters, so you may disregard this section.

Use your Diagnostic Menu to see a list of required fields.

Once you have a list of fields you need to complete, you can begin filling them in. This begins in the first section, which records very basic Identification information about the position, including the position number and campus.

In the Identification subsection, list basic information about the requisition.

The next subsection under the Identification includes job profile information like the job level and the salary range.

In the Profile subsection, list technical details about the position.

Under the Other subsection, you will enter which attachments will be required for this position, such as the resume or cover letter, and any other events that will be required before hire, like a background check.
A Note on Background Checks

Background checks are now required on all Norman faculty, staff, and temporary positions. They are also required for student and graduate assistant positions that meet certain criteria, such as working with minors, handling cash or cash transactions, or having access to sensitive data. For more information about this policy change, you can review our materials on the Human Resources website.

All HSC positions require a background check.

When you reach the background check section of your requisition file, you will select whether hiring is contingent upon a background check. The default answer is yes. Then, if this is a Norman position, enter the department account number that will be charged for the background check. You can get this information from your supervisor.

If this is an HSC position or if a background check is not required, you may enter 0 in this field.

Select whether a background check is necessary and enter the account number for the background check charge

If you are creating a faculty or research position on the Norman campus for a department in Academic Affairs, you will see another box for additional information about funding the position. Simply indicate whether the position is funded entirely through Sponsored Program Reveneues.

Indicate Yes or No under 100% Sponsored Program Revenues

The Owners subsection is where you set up who will have access to this requisition. If you used the Default Hiring Manager and Default Recruiter settings, these fields will population automatically. An Assistant can serve as a backup hiring manager and is able to manage candidates through the hiring process. Collaborators can view the requisition and all candidate materials, but may not manage the candidates through the hiring process. If you set up a list of Frequent Collaborators, you can enter that list here by clicking "Add Frequent Collaborators."

In the Owners subsection, identify owners, assistants, and collaborators.

Section 2, Structure and Template, includes the OLF and template information we entered at the beginning. If this needs to be changed, you can do so here.

In the Structure and Template section, adjust Organization, Location, Job Field, or template information.

In Sections 3 and 4, you will put in the job description as it will appear on the website. You'll want to make sure to write it to attract quality candidates, and you can use the editing tools here to polish it up.

In the Description sections, manage the job description and qualifications as they will appear in your job posting.

Because we have job application websites for both internal and external candidates, we have the option to make our job descriptions different on each website. This is by no means required. Taleo makes it easy to copy job descriptions from one section into the other. If you enter your description into the internal description, go to the external section and click "Copy From," or vice versa. Here you can instruct Taleo to duplicate the description. Selecting "Paste information even if the field is not empty" will allow you to copy over any content that may already be in this box.

Use the Copy From box to copy information from one description field into another.

When you click done, Taleo will copy this information over.

Text copies seamlessly from one description field into another.

This is the end of the basic information for creating a requisition in Taleo. The next section deals with creating Prescreening Questions, and we have a separate article available to walk you through that process.
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