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Offering the Position


So you've found a candidate you would like to hire. In keeping with Taleo's role not only as a candidate management tool but as an information management tool, the offer process can happen primarily through the Taleo system. Human Resources will use Taleo as a record of the offer to verify that compensation is appropriate and in line with the freeze form.

First you will create the offer, then extend it through the system, and finally capture your candidate's response.

Creating the Offer

To begin the offer, first confirm that the candidate has reached the Offer step of the candidate selection workflow. The offer process is only available in this step. Once the candidate has arrived there, go to your More Actions menu and select "Create Offer."

Create Offer

This will bring up the offer form. This brief form will capture all essential information about the offer.

Blank Offer Form

Let's break down each field you will need to fill out and what it's for.
Field Required? Purpose
Start Date   Use the calendar feature to select a target start date for this position.
Tentative   Use this checkbox if you have included a target start date but it may be subject to change.
Expiration Date   Use the calendar feature if you would like to set an expiration date for the offer, after which the candidate will be rejected and a new candidate selected.
Pay Basis Required This is the period of time on which the salary is based. OU will primarily use two pay bases: Yearly for all salaried jobs that are exempt from overtime rules, and Hourly for all non-salaried jobs that are not exempt from overtime rules.

When you enter a salary in either salary field, a calculator will appear next to the Pay Basis. You can use this calculator to help figure the salary for the other field.
Currency   All OU jobs are paid in dollars. You may disregard this field.
Annualized Salary Required Enter the total salary for the position over the course of a year. For salaried jobs, this will be the same as the Salary (Pay Basis). For hourly jobs, if you have entered the Salary (Pay Basis), you can use the Pay Basis calculator to figure the Annualized Salary.
Salary (Pay Basis) Required Enter the salary as it will be paid out according to the Pay Basis. For salaried jobs, this will be the same as the Annualized Salary. For hourly jobs, this will be the wage per hour.
Position Number Required Select the position number from the list menu. You can also hover your mouse over the position number listed to the right and click the arrows that appear to copy it to your offer.
Action Reason Code Required Select the reason for the new personnel action from the list menu, such as New Hire or Reclassification.
Annual Bonus/
Other Bonus/
Sign-on Bonus
  If any planned bonuses are included with the offer, enter them in the appropriate field.
Letter Used   If you would like to begin planning the offer letter here, you may do so. Otherwise, look below for how to generate an offer letter when you extend the offer.

When you are finished with the offer form, click Save and Close. 

Complete Offer Form

Your candidate is now in the step/status Offer/Draft. You have created the offer. You will now need to send it. Some departments require approval for from department administrators before offers are submitted. If your department uses this process, you can request approval through the More Actions menu. No approval from your HR recruiter is necessary.

Extending Your Offer

When you are ready to extend your offer to the candidate, go to More Actions and select "Extend Offer."

Extend Offer

One or two popup boxes may appear before you extend your offer. If you have not requested approval on your offer, a box will ask, "Do you want to extend this offer?" If offer approval is not required for your department, simply click "Yes" to continue.

Do you want to extend

In some rare cases, you may be extending an offer to a candidate who has already been offered a position with another department. In that case, a box will inform you of the fact and ask whether you would like to continue. It is up to your department how you would like to proceed from here.

Do you want to extend 2

Now you will reach the window to extend your offer. Select between extending the offer in writing or verbally. Extending the offer in writing will give you an opportunity to create an offer letter. Extending it verbally will skip the offer letter and give you the opportunity to capture the candidate's response.

Extend Offer Window

If you choose to extend the offer in writing, you will reach a new window for creating the letter. First select whether you will be printing and mailing or emailing the letter to the candidate, then select a template. 

Choose how to send the letter and select a template

Human Resources has provided two offer letter templates for you to use, one for standard positions and one for grant-funded positions. Use the list menu to select the appropriate template.

Select a template from the list

Once you have selected a template, you can progress to the next step. The offer letter templates are designed to pull information from the requisition to fill out the letter. A few fields are used in the letter that cannot come from the requisition file - the long form name of the department, whether or not the position is exempt from overtime rules, and the job title for the supervisor. You can enter those fields here.

Insert missing values

Once Taleo has pulled information into the offer letter for you, you will get the chance to check it for mistakes and make any edits you need. A window will appear with the candidate(s) receiving the offer and indicating whether there are any errors on the letter. To make changes to the letter, click the candidate's name. You can also print the letter from this page for your records.

Check whether the offer letter contains errors

Clicking on the candidate's name will allow you to make any changes to the offer letter. If your department uses a different offer letter than the one provided in the template, feel free to replace the letter with your own material. You can also CC or BCC colleagues here or add attachments if necessary. Any errors on the offer letter will be highlighted for you.

Edit the offer letter

When you are finished editing the letter, click Save. You will be returned to the previous window. To send the letter via email, click Send.

If you are emailing the letter through the system, one final box will appear. This will be the text of the email that is sent to the candidate. Include any information you believe is necessary to highlight. You should include in the email that, upon accepting the offer, they will receive a link from OU to verify their information and submit to a background check, if applicable. Candidates should be informed of the email so that they can watch for it and respond promptly. HSC candidates may not begin work until their background check has been completed and passed.

Enter email text

Capturing the Candidate's Response

When your candidate responds to the offer, your final task is to capture their response in the Taleo system. This is an essential step in the hiring process. From the candidate's Taleo file, go to More Actions and select "Capture Response."

Capture Response

A new window will appear. First enter whether the candidate has accepted the offer, wants to renegotiate, or has rejected the offer.

Capture Offer Response

If the candidate has rejected the offer, confer with your department on the next course of action. If the candidate wants to negotiate, you will be given an opportunity to capture their expectations. You will then need to rescind the previous offer and create a new one.

If the candidate has accepted the offer, enter the date they accepted. Then verify the start date one more time. If the start date is no longer tentative, you may uncheck the Tentative box. When you're finished, click Done.

Capture the acceptance and start dates

Once your candidate's response is captured, Human Resources will send them the Second Pass via email to confirm their personal information and get consent for the Background check process. Your part in the hiring process is finished, though if the candidate does not respond to the Second Pass email, you may need to contact them to remind them to do so.
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