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Overview of the Online Freeze Form


This article gives a brief overview of how to use and navigate the Hiring Freeze Exemption Request form. You can also download a completed sample form.
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Page 1 - Request Details
Page 2 - Funding Details
Page 3 - Questionnaire
Page 4 - Identify Reviewers
Page 5 - Approvals
Tracking Your Form
Approval Process

Page 1 - Request Details

Click on the link above to open a new form. You can also find the link to a new form by searching for "freeze form". When you click the link to the form, you'll see a login page like the one below. After you log in with your OU Net ID and password, you'll see page 1 of the form. Your name will automatically populate as the form requester.

You can save your work at any point using the drop-down menu in the form header. Read more about the different save options and how to continue your work.

When you select your department, you can either find it on the drop-down list or enter your department code in all capital letters in the "Department code" field. The two fields are linked and will automatically find their match.

Select the type of action you're requesting, along with the reason.

In the "Position Information" group, under “Title category,” identify the position as "Academic," "Hourly," or "Monthly" to populate the correct list of job titles. Choose a job title from the list, and the job code will automatically populate. If you do not see the job title you need, please notify HR.

If you have more than one position number to enter, check the "Multiple" checkbox to open a new page where you can list up to 25 position numbers.

To add or delete a row from the list, use the buttons on the bottom-left corner of the list. Enter one position number per row. When you're finished, click "Done". If you need to cancel the list of multiple position numbers, click "Cancel".

For "How many incumbents?", you should enter the number of employees currently in that position in the affected department only. For example, if Housing & Food Services is hiring a Food Service Worker II for Couch Cafeteria, the user would enter the number of incumbents in Couch Cafeteria rather than all of Housing & Food Services.


Page 2 - Funding Details

On page 2, enter the annual pay for the current position and maximum annual pay that will be offered for this position action. If you are requesting a new position, the current or most recent compensation fields will be disabled and set to $0.00 because it is a brand new cost to the department.

For an hourly position, please provide the annual compensation rather than the hourly rate. To find the annual compensation for an hourly position, multiply the hourly rate by 2,080. For example, an hourly employee who makes $12.50 per hour makes roughly $26,000.00 annually (12.50 x 2,080).

Selecting the position’s fringe category from the drop-down list will automatically populate the fringe rate for that position category. It will then calculate the total compensation package for both the current salary and the proposed maximum salary. 

‚ÄčThe form automatically calculates the difference between the current and proposed salaries as an increase, decrease, or no change. 

The section “Budget and Funding Plan” requires a list of accounts that will fund the position. To add data to the table, click the "plus" button on the bottom-left corner of the table. 

Screenshot of OU Hiring Freeze Exemption Request form page two, section "Budget and Funding Plan"

Page 3 - Questionnaire (if required)

If the position action requires you to justify the request with supplemental questions, you will see the Workforce Management Questionnaire on page three of the form. If the position action does not require justification (such as a temporary position), then a message will pop up to let you know that the questionnaire is optional. You can either choose to skip it or complete it.

If you need to collaborate with someone else to answer the questions, you can download a PDF worksheet from the form and use the "Save" button to save your progress and come back to it. After the worksheet is completed, the form preparer can paste the answers into the electronic freeze form's questionnaire.

Page 4 - Identify Reviewers

On page 4, the form asks you to identify the reviewers for your area. For each level of review, identify the person in that role or their delegate who has the authority to review freeze forms at that level. You will need to identify these reviewers every time you submit a new form.

When identifying each reviewer, enter a first and last name and click the search button to find the correct person in Active Directory. The spelling must be exact in order to find the correct person. You can also search by last name only to broaden your search results.

Select the correct person from the search results, and click OK. The form will then populate the correct email address in the read-only email field.

If the form preparer is also the financial reviewer, you can check the box “Same as form preparer.” Selecting this will automatically populate your information in the “Financial Reviewer” fields. You'll also see a message letting you know that you can mark your approval on the next page before submitting the form.

If your department does not have a department head/chair or a dean/director, mark "Not applicable" on that section. Keep in mind that you cannot mark both of those reviewers as "Not applicable".

Screenshot of OU Hiring Freeze Exemption Request form page three, section "Department Head"

If you need a delegate/proxy to review the form for a reviewer, simply use the delegate's name in those fields. The Dean/Director level has the option to route to a primary and secondary signer. Both people listed under dean/director will receive a notification email to review the form, but only one of them needs to sign off.

Next, select the VP Office for your department from the drop-down list. The current VP's name will automatically populate. Generally, the form will route to a delegate selected by the VP rather than the VP themselves. The reviewers for the VP level were predetermined and populated into the form.

Screenshot of OU Hiring Freeze Exemption Request form page three, section "VP Level"

Page 5 - Approvals

Page 5 is the last page in the submission process.

In the "Wrapping Up" section, you have the option to add a person who will receive the same status updates that you receive as the form preparer. This person will also receive a link to open the form and check its status at any time. Just click the "Yes" option, then use the "Search" button to find them.

You can also add comments and attach a supportive document in this section. 

After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email from with a PDF of the form attached and a link to reopen your form at any time. You can check page 5 of the form to see the approval dates and progress. You will receive an email notification when the form is either fully approved or denied.

Tracking Your Form

As mentioned above, you can check the progress on page 5 of the form. If you can't find the link to a form, you can search for your online freeze forms.

Reviewing Forms

The online freeze form is routed automatically for approvals via email. Each reviewer will receive an email with a link to open the form. The reviewer has the ability to change certain fields such as job title and salary. To approve/deny a form, the reviewer must navigate to the approvals page (5) at the end of the form, mark their decision, and click "Submit". The form will then route automatically to the next reviewer.

A form requester can change the reviewers and resend reviewer notifications on page 4 of the form.
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