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Candidate Selection Workflow
Reviewing Candidate Submissions
Progressing Candidates as a Group
Progressing Candidates Individually
Rejecting Candidates

Candidate Selection Workflow

Taleo is more than a hiring system. It's an information tracking system, so you can record actions you take in hiring both for future reference and for auditing purposes. So managing candidates in Taleo means recording their place in your hiring process, and at every stage, you have the opportunity to provide comments that capture your rationales for your decisions.

The process is laid out as a Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW), a series of steps that show where candidates are in the process. These steps are further broken down into statuses that show their progress in more detail. We have a detailed list of steps and statuses here if you would like a guide to their purpose. In this article, you can see how to use the system to move candidates forward.

Reviewing Candidate Submissions

From your list of candidates, click on a candidate's name to review their submission.

A list of student candidates in Taleo

When you go to view a candidate file, you will first see the candidate's history on this application. 

The Taleo history of a student candidate

This will show you any actions that have taken place on this candidate's submission. Above this you will see tabs you can use to sort through other candidate information, and above that a bar with actions you can take on the candidate's application. The actions bar lets you do many things, including leave comments on the file for other members of the hiring committee, print candidate files, and progress or reject the candidate.

The actions bar

Clicking on the Attachments button, you will be able to view any documents the candidate included with their application, such as resumes or cover letters.

The attachments for a student employee, showing one résumé

The Job Submission tab will take you to the candidate's application. In Section 1 is their personal information.

The job submission of a student employee, including their contact information

Below this, in Section 2, are their responses to the requisition's prescreening questions. This includes both disqualification questions, which all candidates are required to answer, and the job-specific questions you included with the job.

The prescreening questions and responses for a student candidate

From all this information, you can make a determination on whom you would like to interview. Once you've made a decision on which candidates you would like to progress, you can move them forward in two ways.

Progressing Candidates as a Group

If you would like to progress many candidates at once, you can do so from your candidate list. When you hover your mouse over the candidates, a checkbox will appear next to each name. Click the checkbox on the candidates you would like to progress, then go to More Actions in your actions bar and select "Change Step/status."

Selected candidates and the Change Step/Status dropdown

Selecting this action will bring up the Change Step/Status window. This window displays the step and status the candidates are currently on and recommends a status to move them to. Using the dropdown menu provided, you can adjust the new status to whatever you need. You are given space to include comments, as well, to record rationales for progressing for other members of your hiring committee.

Change Step/Status window for the selected candidates

The statuses included are
  • Under Consideration, which indicates the candidates are being considered,
  • Interviews, which indicates the candidates are being interviewed,
  • Pre Offer Checks, which includes calling references,
  • Passed HM Screen*, which indicates you have selected the candidate, and
  • Rejected - Notify*, which rejects the candidate and notifies them of their rejection.
To progress the candidates, select the new status and click a button to save. The "Save and Continue" button progresses the candidates and leaves the window open. The "Save and Close" button progresses the candidates and closes the window.

Save buttons for the Change Step/Status window

Once you've reached the Passed HM Screen step, you can progress the candidate you've chosen to the Offer step. For more information about how to offer the position, click here.

Progressing Candidates Individually

You can also progress candidates one at a time through their job submission. From their submission, go to your actions bar. The simplest way to progress candidates is to use the green checkmark. This button automatically progresses the candidates to the Passed HM Screen status.

The actions bar for a candidate, including the green checkmark

Rejecting Candidates

If you decide not to consider a candidate for the position, you will need to reject them. When you reject a candidate, Taleo sends them an automatic email to let them know they are no longer being considered. For this reason, we recommend only rejecting a candidate when you are absolutely certain you will not consider them. Once a candidate has received a rejection notice, they are free to move on to other positions. That makes it difficult to come back to them should you change your mind.

When you are ready to reject a candidate, you can do so using either the red no-symbol (to reject a single candidate), or the Change Step/Status window (to reject a single or multiple candidates).

Using either method brings up the Change Step/Status window to confirm your rejection. For compliance purposes, all rejections require a documented reason for the rejection. Taleo provides a box with several possible reasons for rejection. You are also provided with space to add comments if these are necessary.

The Change Step/Status window for a rejected candidate, including selected reasons
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