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Tracking Form Progress


There are a few different ways to check on the status of a form.

1 - Approval Workflow
2 - Email Notifications
3 - Checking the Current Stage
4 - Approval Dates

Approval Workflow

Image showing the workflow for a freeze form. 1. Submit. 2. Financial Review. 3. Department Head or Chair (if applicable). 4. Dean or Director (if applicable). 5. VP or Provost. 6. HR Review. 7. President's Office.

The online freeze form follows the above approval chain. As it moves through each stage, each reviewer gets an automatic email notification when it's time for them to review the form. If you need to change a reviewer or resend the email notification, check out this article on Resending Notifications or Changing Reviewers.

Email Notifications

The person who submits the form will be notified via email about the following status updates:
  • Confirmation after you submit.
  • When HR sends it to the President's Office.
  • President's Office final decision.
  • When a reviewer denies or cancels your form at any stage.
As the form preparer, you can choose another person to receive those same email notifications. You can do that in the Wrapping Up section on page 5 before you submit the form.

Check the Current Review Stage

After you submit a form, you can check the current approval stage at any time. Go to your confirmation email and click the link to reopen your form. If you've misplaced your confirmation email, you can search for your form online.

When you open a form, you can see the current approval stage in the header at the top of every page. Once that reviewer signs off, it will automatically route to the next stage via email. 

Dates of Approvals

You can also go to page 5 ("Approvals") for more details about when the form was approved and who it's currently waiting on.

You might also be interested in how to resend notifications or change reviewers.
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